Visions & Values

Our Vision

To maintain world leadership in the ongoing development of Belt Weighing technology and Service.

Our Vision: To maintain world leadership in the ongoing development of Belt Weighing technology and Service.
CST Values
  1. Integrity – first and foremost, our commitment is to honesty and transparency in our relationship with our customers:
  • If a particular application can't attain the required accuracy, we will say so, and explain why, at proposal stage.
  • If we get it wrong, we will admit it and fix it, at our cost.
  • If we don't know, we'll tell you, and put all our resources to the task of finding an answer or solution.
  • If site drawings and information is inadequate for quotation purposes, we'll get on to your site people to ensure all the information required to submit a 'real world/actual site' proposal is obtained, to the best of our ability. We will even come to site, and measure up for you at reasonable rates. Just ask us.  
  1. Respect and support for the customer, translated into action:
  • At any stage of the process, from specification right through to service and maintenance, our service technicians and engineers are available to come to site to work on the best solution for your needs.
  • Our focus is on meeting our customers' expectations, our goal is to exceed them, through minimal maintenance, replacement costs and avoidance of downtime
  • Creative engineered solutions to difficult sites. The earlier we get involved in plant design, the better.
  • Availability - service teams in three states to support you when you need it.
  • Preferred customer call-out benefits for service contract customers.
  • A product lifetime partnership, from pre-sale to eventual replacement (after 15-20 years routinely).
  • CST likes to work with our customers in our ongoing service & maintenance relationship to increase our knowledge base in weighing technology and develop customer-driven innovations
  • Your site benefits from our detailed knowledge and documented history of your site specific needs and challenges.
  • Technical competence – use our experience and know-how in the design, and best placement of weighers in your plant; use our training capabilities to train your site staff for superior performance, and/or our expert service team to outsource all ongoing service and maintenance.
  • Continual product improvement driven by our ISO 9000 quality system, and ongoing R&D.  
  1. Quality – we define this as the best belt weighing solution for the least long term cost of ownership.
  • Our robust weighing equipment will be on your site longer than most of your employees.
  • We do not sell just a product, we design and sell weighing systems. which includes design + installation and commissioning supervision + service and maintenance + site audits and consultancy where needed/desired.
  • Consider the return on your investment in a CST weighing system :
  • Elimination of uncertainty re output, process control and stockpiles
  • Elimination or maximum reduction of most site sources of accuracy error
  • Elimination of most plant/process 'black holes' for site management.
  • We want to supply the best products to customers who share our concern for reliable, accurate weighing with minimal maintenance requirements.
  • We are very compatible with those who believe you get what you pay for, and that initial cost is only a (usually small) part of the ongoing ROI..  
  1. Value – we strongly believe that the best quality equipment is in the long run the most economic, but not necessarily the least expensive.
  • Our reputation for value is based on being the most committed to designed in accuracy, and providing weighers requiring minimum maintenance (when properly serviced by skilled technicians), having the longest life, having the most professional engineering backup, technical resources, and largest and most experienced service team.  
  1. Trust - is a function of time, performance and commitment. We have been in the weighing business for 25 years.
  • We are continually working on our business to ensure our experience and expertise is captured, documented and systematised, and available for future generations of customers.
  • We are committed to the highest standards of technical competence in both manufacture, installation, commissioning, and service and maintenance.
Our Vision: To be the 1st choice solution provider for high accuracy in-motion weighing applications.
Our Vision

To be the 1st choice solution provider for high accuracy in-motion weighing applications.

CST Environmental Policy

CST designs, manufactures, installs and services in motion weighing equipment for the bulk handling industries. CST respects its social and physical environment. As such, we are committed to sustainable development, responsible environmental management, conservation of resources, prevention of pollution and compliance with relevant legislation and other requirements.

Our company aims to improve its business performance and conduct its operations in an environmentally responsible manner. Therefore, we aim to minimize any negative impacts we may have on the environment and implement pollution prevention practices through the efficient use of resources, and the reduction of waste .

CST will incorporate environmental better practice into all technological solutions and manufacturing processes. We will work with our customers, suppliers, and other interested parties in order to continually lessen our environmental impact. We will minimise waste in our operations by promotion of reduction at the source, reuse and recycling. We aim to reduce energy and resource consumption in all our activities.