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Weigh Better with Control Systems Technology

Providing accuracy guarantees on its calibration services and weighing equipment, with over 35 years of market leading innovation. CST, for when accuracy matters!

Weigh Better with Control Systems Technology

Reliable belt weighing equipment has been long required by bulk handling industries, especially mining. Australian miners have maintained a strong interest new innovations in this field. Australia has had a strong dependence on mining for many years. Some of the largest mining companies in the world have grown up on the basis of Australia’s mineral wealth (BHP, RIO, Oz Minerals, Glencore, Vale) Alongside the mining companies, a support industry which provides process control equipment, industrial computer systems and instrumentation has also emerged and has grown together with the miners providing important industrial control system equipment. The shared knowledge and experience in the instrumentation community has led to a number of products originating from the needs of the mining industry from private companies who developed innovative products based on this demand.

Now that need for reliable belt weighing equipment has extended to other industries. CST has clients in diverse industries such as agriculture, waste management, quarrying, minerals processing and ship loading.

CST was founded in 1984 in response to a long-standing industry need for more accurate, reliable and durable in-motion weighing equipment than was currently available. A key element of CST’s success has been its focus on developing the technology to bring high accuracy weighing technology to critical, and high value material weighing applications. An early project was provision of a belt weigher on which bonus payments were based at a NSW coal mine. CST gained quick acceptance in diverse parts of Australia such as Kwinana, Port Hedland, Hay Point, Blackwater, Cobar, Whyalla, Geelong, Savage River and around the world in South and North America, Asia, Europe and Africa. The mining industry was the initial market in which confidence and trust in CST products, service and expertise began. These customer relationships were the genesis for the ongoing approach of partnering relationships CST encourages for the life cycle of their products.

Weigh Better with Control Systems Technology

CST fully manufactures all components of its weighers, including electronics and weighframes. The excellence of the original designs meant that little electronic or mechanical change was required in our designs when CST achieved trade certification of their weighers through NMI.

A key feature of our weighers is their robust design and durability. Many CST weighers have remained in operation for over 20 years. A typical example is the PFS4-2 two idler four loadcell with special overload protection supplied to Tahmoor Colliery in 1989. In 2014, after 25 years of operation underground, it was brought back to the CST factory, refurbished, and reinstalled where it remains in operation for more than 33 years.

Eight PFS4-4 four idler four loadcell belt weighers were supplied in 1985 to Baal Bone Coal Preparation Plant in NSW. These 8 weighers remained in service for over 25 years until 2011, being regularly serviced by CST technicians.

An enviable reputation has been acquired by CST over the last 35 years, based on providing rugged and reliable equipment, mostly requiring only routine maintenance. Many customers have formed long term relationships with CST, regularly purchasing CST equipment for each new expansion. CST’s electronics sets have always had many unique features, including a built in linearity check, and the ability to test and calibrate PLC I/O without having to load the weigh frame with weights.

CST has developed a culture of being belt weigher enthusiasts and we like to take on the technical challenges of belt weighing. We take pride in being Australian and world leaders in providing our excellent weighing products. The CST team includes many employees who have chosen to stay with CST for more than 10 years and several for over 20 years. This has been invaluable in assisting and maintaining our relationships with our customers, many of whom have been faithful customers for the life of our business.

We have sought and been rewarded in finding international agents who have a similar passion for researching and developing the technology of accurate weighing. A key criteria in sourcing overseas agents is their level of technical competence, willingness to invest in research and development, and strong commitment to providing solutions to our customers needs and problems. Both within our company, and with our customers and agents, we seek to encourage contributions and dialogue between our ‘thinking community’ that is focussed on eliminating the ‘unknowns’ in weighing accuracy. A pivotal part of this is our systematised ‘Opportunity for Improvement’ procedure. Problems and suggestions are open for monitoring, input and review on a daily basis by all staff.

With well over 3000 active installations world wide, CST has become a major presence in the Australian and export markets. Over 35 years, CST has maintained a solid, enduring presence in in-motion weighing. As well as continual product development, CST is investing heavily in building and training an extensive, readily available service and maintenance team to ensure the ongoing high performance our equipment is routinely capable of. There are many good reasons for using the manufacturer’s own, specialist trained team, with backup and resources to handle everything from routine maintenance to troubleshooting ‘mystery’ problems. Our accumulated industry experience means our service team can help any make of weigher perform to its best possible capacity.

Due to CST’s contributions in the field of high accuracy belt weighing, CST has become involved in committee work with various government standards institutes. CST took part in the Australian National Measurement Institutes’ development of NMIV7, the Uniform Test Procedure standard for trade approved belt weighers. We have also been invited to sit on committees in the USA facilitated by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology , working on modifying and improving the current Handbook 44. We are working to increase respect for and increase knowledge about belt weighing, with the aim to improve the standard of belt weighing world wide.

CST has now developed a number of world firsts in belt weigher design. While most competitors supply weighers of the same design as twenty or thirty years ago, CST has developed belt weighers of the highest accuracy +/-0.1 %, self checking and internet-accessible weighers, and at the other end of the scale…the IntelliRoll wireless, low cost low maintenance belt weigher. IntelliRoll is bringing weighing capability to whole new markets in agriculture, waste management, quarrying and smaller mining operations.

We are committed to being the best belt weigher company in the world by providing the most stable and most accurate products, by working closely with our customers to learn about the real day to day issues involved in material transfer on conveyors, and by providing the most committed, resourced support service to our customers.


  • Quality: ISO 9001 Quality Assurance SGS

Trade Certification

  • Australia NMI/OIML Class 0.5 Instrument (0.25% Certificate No. 6/14D/13 (1997).
  • Canada (0.5% AM-5382C and Canadian 0.1% Approval No. AM-5612 (June 2007).
  • USA, National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) Certificate of Conformity (0.25%) 02-135A3 (2002).
  • European Union, OIML Certificate R50/1997-AU1-03.01 as Class 0.5 instrument.
  • NWML EC Directive 2004/22/EC, Certificate-UK/0126/0084