Volumetric Scanner

Fully developed real time laser scanning system used for volumetric measuring and/or movement monitoring.


  • Sick LMS511
  • Provides 5 measurements per pulse
  • Cross sectional information
  • Surcharge angle information
  • Material edge margin information
  • Belt position information
  • High accuracy volume measurement
  • Can be designed to suit dusty environments
  • Factory or site assembled
  • Can be used with conventional weigher for mass and volume information
  • Integrated into CST’s trade approved WIM3
  • Real time information
  • Designed and Built in Australia

Volumetric Laser Scanner

Volumetric laser scanner system with CST’s WIM3 integrator allows real time monitoring of surcharge angles, material volume and material edge margins. System can be stand alone or integrated over weightometer for a total mass and volume information solution.

CST Tachometer Products

Imbedded Roller Tachometer Variant

The Imbedded roller tachometer variant is usually provided for the high accuracy CSRR Weightometer applications. These replace standard carry rollers on the conveyor and are machined to provide a circumference of precisely 1 meter.

Precision Pre-calibrated Tachometer Variant

The Precision Pre-Calibrated tachometer features a wide, large diameter, low inertia wheel made from 316 stainless steel with adjustable spring tension designed to give optimum contact to the underside of the carry belt

Spiral Cage Pulley (SCP) Tachometer Variant

The Spiral Cage Pulley (SCP) is designed for applications where contact with the belt can be slippery or prone to build-up. The helix design forces material away from the contact area, effectively cleaning the belt.

This Spiral Cage Pulley (SCP) tachometer is supplied complete with its made-to-measure mounting frame and proximity switch. Bearings are sealed for life.

The SCP also overcomes the difficulties and costs which may be associated with installing the tachometer on unsuitable pulleys, or pulleys which are long distances from the belt weigher.

Tail Pulley Tachometer Variant

This consists of an inductive proximity switch and mounting bracket together with a target ring suitable for welding to the tail pulley (or other suitable non-driven pulley).

These are popular, reliable, run on clean side of belt. The large diameter leads to stability but lagging wear, product buildup on pully and belt wear can cause a drift in tachometer calibration effecting weightometer calibration.