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Standards Bodies

National Measurement Institute

The National Measurement Institute (NMI) is responsible for Australia’s national infrastructure in physical, chemical, biological and legal measurements. Under the National Measurement Act 1960, NMI is responsible for coordinating Australia’s national measurement system, and for establishing, maintaining and realising Australia’s units and standards of measurement, thereby allowing Australian industry to operate competitively in a global environment.

National Research Council Canada

Canadian Institute for National Measurement Standards

Industry Associations

National Weighing And Sampling Association

The NW&SA is an independent non-profit organization serving individuals, companies and other organizations involved with industrial applications of bulk material weighing & sampling. Through its sponsorship of annual technical meetings & seminars, and its publication & distribution of technical materials on weighing and sampling, the NWSA is one of North America’s leading bulk material weighing and sampling resources. This website provides information and resources for members.