As an OEM there is no party more knowledgeable, more committed or better motivated to service your beltscale than the CST.

Our team of National Measurements Institute approved belt weigher technicians are able to perform calibrations, installation, trade certifications, and repairs for any belt weigher or weigh feeder system you have on your site.

We are able to provide accuracy guarantees on our work providing our customers with the assurance they need.

CST use an advanced quality assurance process for its calibrations where acquired data is verified against theoretical calculations, historical trends and performance criteria. This evaluation process is what allows us to provide the accuracy guarantees on our work.

CST is now preferred supplier of calibration services to the vast majority of Australia’s industrial mining and quarrying companies. This has been achieved by building up a solid reputation for quality workmanship and a focus on providing the best possible outcomes for our customers.

Types Of Work Undertaken Include:

  • Installations
  • Accuracy checks
  • Site balance adjustments
  • Calibrations
  • Live material Calibrations
  • Accuracy guarantees
  • Alignments
  • Servicing
  • Trade Certifications
  • Retrofit Upgrades and improvements including: latest firmware, temperature compensation, Belt image profiling, volumetric laser scanning, and many more.

The same engineering knowledge goes into our service procedures as goes into our equipment design, so no team is better at ensuring your site has the most accurate mass balances possible.