November 24, 2015

Expertise guaranteed with CST

Expertise guaranteed with CST

Since it was established more than 20 years ago, NSW-based company Control Systems Technology (CST) has been specialising in precision, high-end belt weighing systems.

According to CST’s manager Ian Burrell, CST has a unique engineered method of analysing and recommending custom-made belt weighing equipment for each specific application.

Mining Journal Feature – Trusted Names – Vol9 No.11 (2004)

“CST does not compromise its application engineering approach, but designs systems which are specifically tailored to each application using professional mechanical engineering design principles,” Mr Burrell said. CST’s in depth understanding of the fundamentals of weighing technology means their weighers are usually, larger, heavier and therefore can be more expensive than those offered by competitors..

“Those customers who have realised the overall lower cost of ownership of a CST system and have selected CST as their supplier have universally enjoyed an unusually trouble-free and high confidence experience with belt weighers, with reliability, low maintenance, and consistency of accuracy key features mentioned in our customers’ favorable responses.”

As a result, CST has become the supplier of choice for many of the larger mining companies who understand the benefits of using CST’s high-quality solutions.

As well, CST is also able to provide belt weighing consulting and engineering services to customers concerning their existing equipment.

“We are able to conduct audits on belt weighing applications and are able to troubleshoot troublesome applications, explained Mr Burrell. “We can provide a high level of service from our teams of engineers and technicians in Sydney, Mackay and Perth.”

Mr Burrell said BHP Billiton is one of many companies with whom CST has a long term relationship in supplying and servicing belt weighing equipment and systems.

“We have supplied reliable belt weighing products for the critical accuracy ship loading and stock management areas at Nelson Point, Finucane Island and Port Hedland.”

Mr Burrell commented that the mining industry has specific needs and requirements for weighing equipment. “This includes high reliability and rugged equipment which is readily understood with minimum technical expertise. Training for support staff on remote sites is an important ingredient supplied by CST, which ensures that the weighing equipment on site operates smoothly and efficiently, minimising down time.

“We specialise in high-quality solutions. We aim to be competitive, but do not work to a price formula, or generic designs and specifications which fall short of giving the customer the weighing solution they need. Our well-engineered equipment means high reliability and low maintenance, and therefore minimum disruption to continuous operations. While belt weighers are a small initial cost component in site and plant development, in terms of site management’s confidence in actual site input and output, over the long term they are critical’.

CST customers are fully supported by sales and service offices throughout
Australia, staffed by highly trained and experienced technicians.

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