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Belt Weighing Innovation

With CST's commitment to accuracy new products are regularly developed to solve any application issues we find so that accuracy is delivered to our customers...

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Cargo Superintendent Scale -

CST's Cargo Superintendent Scale (CSS) is the result of 28 years in the business of seeking to produce the ultimate conveyor scale system. The CSS is a combination of 5 unique technologies developed by CST.

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Calibration Methods

There is debate over the best method of simulating live load, and many have people strong views on this matter. In general order of perceived increasing quality, methods of simulating live load are...

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OIML input from the USNWG supports improved R50 standard

The UNSNWG is the United States National Working Group which works on improvements to Handbook 44 and also OIML R50. Handbook 44, is a publication from the US National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST) and the National Conference on Weights and Measures (NCWM) which regulates the trade use of measuring instruments in the USA.

The Minerals Council, Austmine and Related Mining Suppliers

Austmine Logo The Minerals Council of Australia is the peak body in Australia representing the mining industry to government. This year, members of Austmine, which includes our company, were treated to a free invitation to attend the event. The conference had an emphasis on ‘METS’ suppliers such as ourselves.

Finding a Reliable Way of Valuing a Stockpile

"Equipment suppliers are often frustrated by clients who place price above all else. One such supplier, Ian Burrell of Control Systems Technology, submitted this commentary to stress the importance of looking at price in the context of overall performance. His comment is echoed increasingly these days by suppliers of all equipment - not merely belt weighers. Hopefully this comments will get through to those equipment purchases who put short term gain above long term performance"

Australian Bulk Handling Review - April/May 2001

Belt Scales Earn Place in US Export Sales


Portland Bulk Terminals, a Canpotex facility for the export of Potash is managed by Kinder Morgan Bulk Terminals Inc. Located in Portland Oregon, the terminal is the site of a recent Belt Scale Permanence test. The test, the final part of the NTEP trade approval process, has established High Precision Belt Scales manufactured by Australian Company, Control Systems Technology Pty Ltd (CST) as the preferred method of weight determination for the export sales of Potash.

Bulk Solids Handling - Vol 22 (2002) No. 6

Canadian Success Paves Way For CST Abroad


Westshore Terminals Ltd at Joseph's Bank, Vancouver installed a Control Systems Technology P/L (CST) precision shiploading belt weigher in October 1998 which has laid a good foundation for further sales to shiploading facilities around the world. At Westshore the main conveyor moves up to 7,700 mtph of coal at 4.5m/s on a 2133mm belt toughed at 45 degrees. CST provided a large weigh frame based on large universal beam side members, six idlers in length with calculated accuracy of better than 0.25% over a range from 20% to 120% of flow.

Expertise Gauranteed With CST


Since it was established more than 20 years ago, NSW-based company Control Systems Technology (CST) has been specialising in precision, high-end belt weighing systems.

According to CST’s manager Ian Burrell, CST has a unique engineered method of analysing and recommending custom-made belt weighing equipment for each specific application.Mining Journal Feature - Trusted Names - Vol9 No.11 (2004)

CST in the Local Lime Light at QME 2010

Control Systems recently attended the Queensland Mining & Engineering Expo 2010 in Mackay. The stand saw regular traffic with both familar faces and new ones dropping in to talk about the equipment and future job prospects. The Daily mercury did a half page spread on the stand, no doubt due to the impressive display conveyor which is a minature working conveyor with a full four loadcell beltweigher running with in it. 

Our New Factory



CST has moved to new, larger premesis.

Control Systems Technology has manufactured out of premises in Lorraine Street, Peakhurst for the last 15 years.

However thanks to the recent and continued high level of activity in the industry we have had to expand our manufacturing facilities to keep up with demand.

We have moved literally 500 metres around the corner to our new factory at 37 Stanley Street, Peakhurst.

Calibration Methods


Simulation of Live Load for (Belt Weigher) Calibration.

There is debate over the best method of simulating live load, and many people strong views on this matter. In general order of perceived increasing quality, methods of simulating live load are:


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