PCS2 Belt Weigher

Precision centrally suspended belt weigher. Dependable weighing of light materials.


  • A precision fully suspended 2 point conveyor weigh frame 
  • Simple stable design 
  • Direct force measurement (no lever arms, pivots or bearings) 
  • 2 load cells 
  • 2 – 4 idler weighlength 
  • Certified as Legal for Trade 
  • Accuracy up to 0.25% 
  • Individually engineered/custom designed 
  • Designed for minimal material build up 
  • Extended idler pitch (if required for high tension belts) 
  • Solid mild steel construction or stainless steel for extreme environments 
  • Galvanised and/or painted to customer specification 
  • Designed and Built in Australia


trade Certifications

National Measurement Insitute Class 0.5

OIML Class 0.5

CE (For Electronics)
Attestation of Conformance Nos. 46736.3 & .4