Designed Weighing Solutions

Hopper or Silo Weighing Systems

CST has the ability to design and manufacture a weighing solution or retro fit a solution that gives you the product information you need.

Our hopper and silo weighing systems can be found in the agricultural, mining, food production, civil engineering, quarrying and manufacturing industries.

We provide highly reliable and accurate systems that can often be low cost.

Types of work undertaken include:

  • Retrofit Installations
  • New Designs
  • Parts supply (loadcells, integrators)
  • Manufacture
  • High Accuracy Units
  • Budget Installs
  • Flow rate monitoring
  • Loss in weight systems
  • Bulk weighing
  • Volume measurement systems
  • Laser scanning Installations
  • Screw feeders
  • Silos
  • Hoppers
  • Vessels

If you have a weighing requirement CST can help.