Weigh Feeder


Weigh Feeder Model: PWF

A precision weigh feeder system for material flow control.

  • 1 - 4 load cell belt scale
  • NMI trade approved class 0.5
  • Individually engineered/custom designed (application based engineering)
  • Flows ranging from 0.20mtph to 1,200mtph
  • GTU - automatic belt tracking system without belt side contact (patent pending)


  • Short centres to 800mm
  • Sustainable accuracy from 0.5% using On Stream Calibration
  • Flow motivator for difficult materials
  • Turndowns of 20/1 using modern VVVF technology
  • Direct force measurement (no lever arms, pivots or bearings)
  • Factory assembled
  • Galvanised and or painted to customer specification
  • Solid mild steel construction or stainless steel for extreme environment
  • Blending capabilities with multiple units
  • Australian made


  • Bulk Materials handling
    • Ilmenite
    • Coal
    • Iron ore
    • Sulphur
    • Gold concentrate
    • Cement
    • Cement clinker
    • Limestone
    • Lime rich sands
  • Food handling
  • Waste management
  • Energy supply
Model IPC-14 - Electronics Features
  • Fully automated weigh feeder electronics
  • Bin scale with loss in weight flow control
  • PI control
  • On Stream Calibration
  • Manual and automatic set point control
  • Isolated outputs for rate, total and alarms
  • RS232/RS485 duplex serial communications (ModBus compatible)
  • IP66 standard enclosure
  • DIP/IS protection available (for extreme environments)
  • Custom software, control needs and ongoing support available
  • Simple menus option
  • Industry's most diverse and capable weigh feeder electronics

Weigh Feeder Brochure PDF

IPC-14 Brochure PDF