What should I do to keep my Belt Weigher in good condition?

Keeping your weighing equipment in peak condition will ensure that you maintain the designed performance and achieve maximum life from your products.

Faults that are not identified early can have direct impact on weighing performance and lead to much larger consequences. For example, a damaged roller will skew weighing results, and could cause excessive belt wear causing a belt to be replaced sooner than required.

Simple things like, keeping the equipment clean and having trained service technicians working on our products is a good start.

It is recommended that a more formal quarterly and annual maintenance program is in place to ensure that the equipment is kept in good condition.

What Services and CST offer me?

CST offers annual and quarterly maintenance regimes which covers maintenance and replacement of wearing parts, the checking of electrical connections and calibration stability. As part of our standard maintenance CST maintains records which are an important feedback loop for customers to understand the performance of their equipment and can be used to monitor drift and other performance metrics over time.

I want my technicians to maintain our weighing equipment on-site:

CST is prepared to work with service teams on site to ensure that staff involved in the up keep of weighing equipment have the necessary skills/training to cover basis maintenance tasks.

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