When is it time to change my Belt Weighers?

At CST we design and manufacture with high levels of quality and we have a range of options to protect our products from the harsh environments, extreme temperatures, above ground, underground and corrosive environments. Apart from the consumable components, with the right protection and maintenance the mechanical components can last indefinitely in the field. We are proud to say that there are CST belt weighers installed in the field over 24 years ago that are still in service today.

That said, here are some of the circumstances where we would consider replacing the belt weighers:

  • Accuracy requirements have changed
  • The belt weigher is damaged beyond repair
  • Your existing system is not meeting your requirements

If you are not sure or need some help to determine if a belt weigher is serviceable, our sales and service teams will be able to help assess your equipment and advise whether replacement or refurbishment is the best course.

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