What do I need to do to use a Belt Weigher for trade purposes?

The three essential components of a trade certification system are:

1. An approved belt weighing system. Most countries have a Weights and Measures authority which will certify belt weighers to certain accuracy standards.

2. A suitable reference scale or 'Control Instrument' to weigh the live test loads.

CST can provide a suitable Control Instrument in the form of a Portable Weighbridge which can be sent to your site. (LINK)The test circuit can be worked out on site and may require some modifications to conveyors or chutes.


3. A suitable test circuit to carry the material from the control instrument to the weigh frame or vice versa.

CST can advise whether the belt scale you have is of the trade certifiable type and can assist with modifying, overhauling or replacing your belt weigher to bring it up to standard.

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