How can I get on site support for my Belt Weigher, regardless of brand?

  • We have the biggest service team. Globally, CST is the largest niche belt weighing solution provider.
  • Over the last 25+ years of operations we have attracted and trained highly competent staff and built significant expertise in maintaining both our own and competitor's equipment.
  • We have offices in three Australian states, as well as international agents, and are available nationally and internationally to service, install, commission, troubleshoot and provide consultancy engineering advice for all your weighing needs and problems.
  • Given the lack of support generally available in the field by other weigher manufacturers, it is quite common for us to commission/install and support our competitors' products.

Should you need some help with your weighing needs contact your nearest CST office or one of our international agents. We will be happy to work out what equipment you have and how we can best help you support it.

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