What delivery times can I expect when I place an order?

Delivery time varies with factory production, whether we need to supply rollers, and the time it takes to get information from the clients for design and then time taken for approval. Our stated delivery has been 8-12 weeks from order in our proposals for belt weighers.

Due to the complexity we double this estimate for Weighfeeders.

Lead time summary:

Custom design: 2 weeks

Belt Scale fabrication: 6-8 weeks following design approval

Weigh Quality Idler supply: 8 weeks following design approval

Weighfeeders: Lead time on application.

Delivery from our Sydney, Peakhurst factory is usually about 6-8 weeks following client approval of our design, dependent on factory load. This is dependent on design approval by the customer, for which we allow 2 weeks. However, because of customer circumstances, this has, on many occasions, taken from one to two months.

Our lead time for rolls can be up to 8 weeks from receipt of idler information.

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