Should I purchase maintenance service with my order?

  • It is not compulsory but highly recommended. CST has more trained service technicians than any other belt scale manufacturer. We pride ourselves in our ability to get the best results.
  • You can determine what level of regular service you require, from a calibration check to a mechanical alignment with an accompanying CRF (Calibration Report Form).
  • With an increasingly mobile workforce, and intense competition for skilled, experienced workers, maintaining 'in house' knowledge and experience on site is becoming a real challenge. Our experienced, knowledgeable service team can solve that problem for you.
  • CST belt weighers are not just any old weigher. Our regular service and maintenance right from the start will ensure your site workers learn from our team, rather than learning bad habits, or applying common site practices like adjusting which other makes can require.
  • Maintenance Agreement customers are given first priority when there is an emergency call out.
  • We will work with you to determine the type and frequency of maintenance required, to minimise your costs and maximise your weigher's performance.
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