What makes CST's Belt Weighers the best and most advanced Belt Weigher?

The level of knowledge incorporated in a product is what makes it stand apart from other products and the best or most advanced product in the market. Another way to say this is that the quality of a product is proportional to the extent of knowledge incorporated in it.

CST has a detailed and extensive knowledge of the factors that contribute to, or work against accurate weighing, in situ. Through the application of professional engineering knowledge, these problem factors can be eliminated or minimised. We do our very best to get as much detailed site information as possible from our customers, and prefer to be involved in helping determine where the weigher/weigh feeder is placed on the conveyor. In designing each and every weigher, our professional mechanical design engineers input site information into a complex spreadsheet based on mutliple engineering equations, in order to create a weigh frame that will give the desired accuracy ‘in the field’, under your site’s real world operating conditions.

We aim to have a close and ongoing relationship with our end user customers – we are not selling just a product, as much as a comprehensive service, from design, to installation, and ongoing service and maintenance. We stress this relationship, becasue we know that in this way our customer is getting what they want and need.

In terms of overall plant investment, the cost of weighing equipment is quite low, whatever the quality. However, our extensive experience troubleshooting mysterious problems that have led to a plant shutdown, reinforce very strongly our belief that upfront application of engineering design, to suit each and every weighing application, is the way to go to ensure bankable accuracy, ongoing reliability, low maintenance, and avoidance of shutdowns.

Our equipment though very reliable, is not ‘set and forget’. We make it our business to ensure that our equipment is installed under our supervision and maintained with regular site attendance. This is how CST is aware of the practical needs and problems of the customer and this knowledge combined with our ongoing investment in research and development of our products and our technology at the forefront of the industry.

Knowledge alone, however, is not enough. Accurate weighing requires a philosophy based on strong ethical principles. How can we succeed in a business which is about providing true data without ourselves being committed to truth telling. How can we succeed in a business which is about providing trustworthy and reliable equipment without ourselves also being reliable and trustworthy. The company expresses its character in its products and services. It is only necessary to add to in depth knowledge and solid ethics sufficient hard work and industry to produce excellent products and services. CST has a strong ethic of working hard to reward the trust of our customers with a good product and an overall good experience. We are not infallible, but we are strongly motivated by problems to maintain the relationship of trust with our customers, and at the same time, extend our knowledge through the solutions we find, and hence improve our products.

At a more concrete level, what is the essence of CST’s claim to be the manufacturer of the best and most advanced belt weighing systems? One significant factor is CST’s background in electronic and mechanical engineering. From this professional knowledge base, we have been able to translate the customers performance need into a product which is very strong both electronically and mechanically. CST’s electronics used the full power of the microprocessor when it was first developed in 1984. It was not a microprocessor emulating a solid state design as so many of the competitive instruments were. The original electronics hardware and software design, with only minor changes became our trade certified belt weigher indicator. This meant that effectively, all of the electronics sets we were supplying were designed and were operating to the highest (OIML R50) metrological standards right from the beginning. Further more, our original product had the ability to be completely remotely controlled (via modem before the internet) and incorporated many advanced testing and calibration features which are unique in the industry, even 25 years later.

From a mechanical standpoint, our mechanical engineering knowledge combined with our uncompromising quality approach means that our weigh frames are the strongest and most stable units in the market place. Our earliest customers which we won back at those times have enjoyed our new standard of belt weigher reliability and have stayed with us year after year repeat purchasing our equipment for each new expansion, and installing our product enhancements and improvements along the way as well. As a result of our serious mechanical approach, our weigh frames were trade certifiable (OIML R50) right from the start, we only provided the best equipment, what better method could there be to build a sustainable business and relationships of trust with our customers.

The best and most advanced product is however of no use to the customer unless that is what they need. This the basic secret of our success. We have not produced a product which we think people want and mass produced it, rather, we ask every customer, every time we receive an inquiry, what their precise needs are. As a result we ask many questions about each application and we specifically engineer a solution which fits the need, one which is truly fit for purpose. While CST do have standard designs we have no standard products and we have no standard price list, every application is individually engineered, individually sized and individually priced. We listen to the customers needs and use our knowledge, experience and professional skills to design the best and most advanced belt scale that exactly meets the need. That’s why CST Belt Scales are the Best and Most Advanced Belt Scales in the market.

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